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Plastic Barricades

Plastic Barriers & Barricades For Crowd Control & Perimeter Control

Signature Fencing carries a complete line of multi-colored plastic barricades for crowd control, perimeter control and special event use. Depending on your specific needs, choose between our PolyCade plastic barricades, RotoCade display barricades, EZ-Span portable and expandable indoor/outdoor barricade and Spectrum multicolored amusement fencing.

About PolyCade™

Signature PolyCade is the perfect substitute for heavy steel barricades. Each 6 1/2ft Long PolyCade barricade comes in a variety of popular colors and has an integrated display area reserved for your logo or important message. Match your team colors or event theme and alternate for dramatic effect.Our integrated inter-panel connection system allows panels to remain connected at 90 degree angles, yet disconnect easily for transport and storage. Panels come complete with pre-drilled holes in each foot to allow for permanent anchoring.

PolyCade Benefits:

  • Durable one-piece design
  • Stacks compactly for storage and transport
  • Attractive design
  • Proven worldwide at prestigious events

Perfect for races and other events

Create an attractive barrier
indoor and outdoor

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About RotoCade™

Our RotoCade barricades are oversized for extra safety and effectiveness. Each barricade measures 86in long (96in hinge-to-hinge) x 42in high (44in standing height) when deployed and creates an extremely durable and highly visible barrier. Additional height prevents barricade jumpers from unauthorized crossings and aids security. Each RotoCade barricade has an oversized display area for signage and graphics and may be personalized with your logo, facility, or event information. An integrated rotating foot design allows panels to stack flat for storage and transport and panels may be filled with water or sand for greater ballast. Due to their added height and stability, these barricades are perfect for hanging banners and flags.

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Large display area is perfect for signage
Oversized for extra safety & effectiveness

About TraffiCade

TraffiCade is a durable, one-piece, high impact HDPE molded barricade that will help you direct traffic at everything from construction sites to special events. Add signage or reflective safety panels to the barricades or include our optional high-visibility, anti-trip feet for no additional charge.

  • Durable, one-piece, high-impact HDPE molded barricade
  • Linking system that creates secure connections, even over uneven ground
  • Can be securely locked to prevent unauthorized dismantling
  • Great for construction sites and for use around excavations
  • Standard or high-visibility anti-trip feet
  • Signs can be easily attached front and back
  • Available in standard orange

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About AquaCade

AquaCade is a heavy-duty, plastic barricade for use at construction sites, in parking lots, or at events. The two-piece barricades are stackable for easy transport and the top sections can be filled with water to add extra weight and stability. AquaCade is easy to transport and assemble and comes in bright colors that make them impossible to miss.

  • Black base is self-weighted 39 lbs and made from recycled material
  • High-density top sections fill with water to increase barricade weight by additional 33lbs
  • Designed to stack compactly for easy transport
  • Top sections available in red, orange, and white
  • Extremely stable in windy conditions

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About DuraFence

DuraFence combines the high-visibility and light weight of plastic safety barricades and the rugged durability of steel security fencing to keep your equipment and work site secure or protect unwary pedestrians from wandering into dangerous off-limits areas. These barricades break down into easily stackable sections for convenient transport, and the brightly colored, molded plastic sections fill with water for increased weight and additional stability.

  • 79" anti-climb fence for deep excavations and hazardous sites
  • One man assembly
  • Compact for transport by small vehicle
  • Very stable: ideal for high-wind situations
  • Base color is black
  • Top section available in red, orange, or white
  • Tamper-proof locking clamps available

About FlexiFence

FlexiFence 75" high anti-climb fence is designed to prevent unauthorized access to construction sites and hazardous areas. The lightweight sections and compact design allow the fencing to be easily set up by one person. Panels link directly to existing steel mesh fencing or can be used as a standalone product.

  • 75" high anti-climb fence
  • Designed for deep excavations and hazardous sites
  • Connects directly to steel mesh fencing using same bases and clamps
  • Lightweight construction allows for one-person assembly
  • Compact design allows for easy transport
  • Orange standard
  • 100% recyclable
  • 39.4" wide gateway sections also available
  • Extremely stable in windy conditions


SafetyCade is an easy-to-use, compact modular barricade system that can be easily reconfigured into a nearly endless combination of layouts. The 45" high barrier posts are made from durable HDPE and provide a strong system of uprights to support the 78" long, high-visibility horizontal planks that are fitted with reflecting facing. These uprights have multiple mounting slots for the planks to allow use over uneven ground.

Heavy-duty square bases are made from recycled plastic and feature an anti-tampering connection to protect the barricades when left unattended.


  • Modular barricade system made from high density polyethylene
  • High-visibility horizontal planks increase safety
  • Components can be purchased separately
  • Modular design allows for nearly infinite configurations
  • Versatile barricade suitable for controlling traffic or crowds
  • Easy and compact storage


MiniCade is a lightweight, easily-deployed barrier system designed to be used around manhole or pothole repair sites and other temporary excavations where pedestrians or workers need to be made aware of hazards underfoot. These folding barricades pack away compactly for easy transport from one job site to the next.


  • Lightweight: individual barriers weigh 4.4 lbs
  • Simple to install: modular design can be assembled in a variety of ways
  • Integral locking clamp to aid stability when the barriers are deployed in a straight line
  • Hinged clips enable fast assembly in 3-way or 4-way configurations
  • Made from 100% recyclable HDPE
  • Folds compactly for easy transportation and storage


FoldingCade is the most compact folding barricade available and its blow-molded design makes it very lightweight and easy for one person to transport and set up. The high-density polythene is rugged and durable enough to handle tough outdoor conditions on any jobsite, and its hinged construction means it can be set up in a variety of ways to suit your needs.


  • Made up of four 39" high x49" long sections, 43lbs total
  • Rugged, lightweight, and easily set up by one person
  • Stores compactly for easy transport
  • Can be installed in a variety of configurations
  • Blow molded, high-density polythene
  • Hinged design creates strong joints with minimal lateral movement
  • Optional rotating feet reduce trip hazard without compromising stability
  • 100 % recyclable

About EZ-SPAN™

The Signature EZ-Span expandable plastic barricade provides an attractive, visible warning barrier that redirects traffic from work areas and other closed-off sections. EZ-Span is also ideal for redirecting pedestrian traffic away from sensitive or wet indoor surfaces. The plastic feet will not scratch or mar expensive floors. EZ-Span can retract and expand up to 11-1/2ft, but folds down to a compact 16-1/2in x 3ft high. Made of durable recyclable polypropylene, EZ-Span weighs only 15 lbs. - lightweight enough to be carried and deployed by one person. Use EZ-Span in your lobby or any public area during maintenance or construction. EZ-Span is also rugged enough for outdoor use and it is weatherproof, maintenance free and contains no parts that will rust or corrode.

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