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The Affordable Outfield Fence Alternative With All Round Superior Performance

Designed for portability, SportPanel® outfield fencing is lightweight, durable, weather resistant, and economical. SportPanel transports easily and installs quickly.

About SportPanel® Outfield Fencing
  • A full outfield can be installed quickly and easily
  • Meets ASTM 8 Safety Specifications

Signature's SportPanel outfield fencing is in widespread use at high schools, universities, parks, league facilities, and sport-plexes nationwide. Thousands of games have been played using SportPanel, which has added to the experience of players at any level.

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The TechnoTip™ feature enables panels to give way on impact, reducing the possibility of injury to athletes.

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Create a stadium-like feel at your next game

All Outfield Fencing panels are interchangeable and the system expands to meet nearly any size requirement. Once the event is over, sections stack neatly and compactly, saving time, transport and storage costs.

Whether you have a need for outfield fencing, athletic field division and configuration, tennis court separation or placement of sponsorship signage, Signature's SportPanel is the ideal choice.

The SportPanel SafeRail™ option increases panel visibility and safety and creates a professional stadium look at any field.

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SportPanel Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Creates a professional stadium feel
  • Provides added safety for athletes, by providing a visible barrier
  • Ideal for placement of corporate sponsorship banners, and for generating additional revenue
  • Most economical system of its kind
  • Weather resistant foam connecting system for quick and easy installation and separation
  • Durable PVC pipe construction is riveted together for added strength

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  • Rotating and configurable legs allow panels to adjust to varying terrain and stack flat.
  • Heavy-duty plastic grid interior, to stop ball traffic, while providing a professional league look.

At Signature Fencing, we want you to be ready to play as soon as your SportPanel Outfield Fencing System arrives. As such, each fence panel comes completely assembled and includes free foam connectors and anchoring wickets. Black mesh panels are available for behind the pitcher's mound allowing for more professional levels of play.

SportPanel Outfield Fencing incorporates TechnoTip™, our folding elbow joint system. Each panel withstands the impact of players, allowing fence panels to tip over and fall flat, without breaking, reducing the likelihood of injury to athletes. Its unique On/Off feature prevents premature panel tip over and interruption of play on windy days. Simply insert a peg into the On/Off switch and panels are locked in an upright position.

The patented, extremely strong mesh material incorported into every SportPanel is manufactured by our sister company to exacting engineering specifications. This material provides unusual strength, while stopping ball traffic and creating an attractive "sporty" look.

Each panel is covered by our industry leading 3-year, top-to-bottom warranty, which includes all parts and all components.

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The world's favorite portable outfield
fencing travels to Copenhagen for
the European Softball Championship.

SportPanel SafeRail™ option

Weather resistant foam connecting system

Rotating and configurable legs

Easily visible 10 ft. foul
poles enhance play

Blackout Panels improve ball visibility

There's nothing like the look
of a complete SportPanel
Outfield Fence.

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