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Signature Event Fence Panels Never Need Painting & Will Not Rot, Warp, Rust Or Corrode

Signature Upscale Special Event Panels

Signature Fencing is the world’s premier portable fencing for special events and crowd control. From PGA tournaments to NASCAR tracks and from stadiums to theme parks, Signature PVC picket fencing has proven itself at thousands of events worldwide. It is the perfect upscale choice to spice up your next event and create the right image for your facility.

Attractive, white, expertly crafted and uniform panels are appealing from all points-of-view. Signature panels are a welcome alternative to traditional heavy wood or metal barricades. Freestanding Signature panels delineate traffic flow while enhancing the image of your event and facility.

Safe vinyl panels have no rough surfaces, nails, splinters or sharp edges to injure spectators or participants, lowering your event's liability. Signature panels are environmentaly safe, recyclable and non-toxic.

Durable, and maintenance free. PVC panels contain high impact modifiers and superior UV inhibitors which increase their longevity for your events, year after year. Signature panels never need painting and will not rot, warp, rust or corrode. Panels are easy to keep clean with common household cleaners.

  • Decorative caps are attached to prevent loss.
  • Panels connect in three directions and at angles for maximum flexibility, stability, and versatility.
  • Legs have pre-drilled holes to stake when you have more permanent applications.
  • Legs swivel to allow flat stacking for storage.

Pre-assembled, sturdy panels are easy to maneuver and use. The freestanding panels can be deployed in minutes without tools and a minimum amount of labor. Signature panels utilize shock cords hidden under caps. Panels connect together quickly and easily for increased stability and decorative caps are attached to prevent loss during set-up and tear-down. Base legs swivel to accomodate uneven terrain and include pre-drilled holes for staking when you have more permanent applications.

Easy to store panels are lightweight and symmetrical. Signature panel base legs swivel to fold flat for storage and transportation.

Personalize your display panels by attaching your event name or company logo or design... or apply directional information to our display panel. The Signature Fencing display style panel SPO3 is often used in conjunction with our traditional or picket styles.

See our dedicated outfield fencing website:

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Use Signature panels to create an attractive,
self-contained event venue. SPO5 Picket Style 32"

Easy to transport and install, sections can be set up nearly anywhere. SPO1 Traditional and SPO3 Display Style

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