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Portable Security & Perimeter Fencing

Ideal for perimeter security and crowd control, FortressFence™ is the strong, reliable solution for setting up temporary enclosures in any environment. Provide security at an event, close off a construction zone, or protect equipment and machinery from theft and damage all with an ease-of-mind and reliability only provided by FortressFence.

Each FortressFence panel is manufactured using durable, 16-gauge, hot-dipped galvanized tubing and a welded, no-climb, wire mesh panel. Sections interlock using easy-to-install clamps and your choice of metal, plastic, rubber, or concrete bases. Wheeled gates, fixed wall mounts, flower basket rails, and privacy screens are available to suit your application.

Ideal for:

  • Outdoor events and festivals
  • Storage compounds
  • Retail displays
  • Work sites and construction zones
  • Private properties

Three Different Builds to Best Suit Your Application

FortressFence 1: No-climb wire mesh fence system. Ideal for perimeter security, area delineation, and crowd control – a popular choice for storage compounds, warehouses, and outdoor special events and festivals.

FortressFence 2: Chain link fence system. Pre-assembled panels minimize install times for temporary sites. Gates and custom panels available.

FortressFence 3: A lightweight, anti-climb system, FortressFence 3 is the best choice to have on hand for temporary enclosures and work sites. Pedestrian and vehicular gates are available.

Introducing FortressFence [3]

Our latest addition to our security fencing line, FortressFence 3 is a lightweight, portable fencing solution that maintains a high level of security and stability.

  • Only 38.6 lbs per panel
  • Anti-climb design
  • Vertical bar reinforcement
  • Thermoplastic foot block for high stability
  • Easy to install

Several accessories available to enhance
security and usability

FortressFence 2 chain link fence is
great for temporary enclosures.

FortressFence 3 is lightweight for easy
transportationand installation





FortressFence 1
10, 8, 6, 5, or 4 ft
(3, 2.4, 1.8, 1.5, or 1.2 m)
7 ft 6 in (2.3 m)
90 lbs (40.1 kg) 10 ft panel
~9 lbs per foot length (4.1 kg)
FortressFence 2
14 or 10 ft
(4.3 or 3 m)
6 ft (1.8 m)
60 lbs (27.2 kg) 10 ft panel
20 lbs + 4 lbs per foot length
(9 kg + 1.8 kg)
FortressFence 3
11ft 4 in
(3.5 m)
6 ft 6 in (2 m)
38.6 lbs (17.5 kg) 10 ft panel

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